AUTHORPfau, Richard
TITLENo Sacrifice Too Great: The Life of Lewis L. Strauss
PUBLISHERUniversity Press of Virginia
CITYCharlottesville, VA

This biography of Admiral Lewis L. Strauss presents the professional life of the man who dominated U.S. atomic policy in the crucial years of 1946 through 1958. In his depiction of the apolitical and controversial leader, the author focuses on his hard-nosed professional life, and excludes his personal relationships. The book describes Strauss' career in the U. S. Navy, his part in the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) as member and chairman, and his actions to exclude Robert Oppenheimer from decision making. It discusses his stances on nuclear energy, peacetime atomic weapons testing and Cold War policies. The book also treats his relationship with President Eisenhower and his rejection by the Senate for the position of Secretary of Commerce.

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