AUTHORKauffman, George B., Ed.
TITLEFrederick Soddy (1897-1956)
PUBLISHERD. Reidel Publishing Company
CITYBoston, MA

This compilation concerns the life of Frederick Soddy, a 1921 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, and early pioneer in radiochemistry. Soddy is perhaps most well known for his pioneering studies of radioactive elements and the discovery of isotopes. The careful study of his life, work, and writings begins with the reproduction of three of his most important papers. The next three sections provide background, a look at his work in the field of radiochemistry, and essays about how his works and ideas were received. The final two sections consider his teaching of chemistry, his work in commerce, and his ties to the fields of energy and economics. Written by recognized authorities on the history of science, the essays provide a well-rounded picture of Soddy.

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