AUTHORAkizuki, Tatsuichiro / Nagata, Keiichi (Translator)
TITLENagasaki 1945: The First Full-Length Eyewitness Account of the Atomic Bomb Attack on Nagasaki
PUBLISHERQuartet Books
CITYLondon, England

Written by a doctor who was working in a hospital in his hometown seaport of Nagasaki when the second atomic bomb was dropped on the city, this book presents an eyewitness account of the August 9, 1945 bombing. Although 30,000 people died on the day of the bombing and nearly 100,000 in the days to follow, countless survivors remained who needed medical attention. Dr. Akizuki not only tells of the explosion itself, but also describes some of the methods he used in helping survivors. One of the most difficult jobs was removing glass and wood splinters from the already burnt skin of many people. In his remarkable account, Dr. Akizuki also includes illustrations showing some of the patients as they were receiving treatment and some of the damage caused by the bomb in Nagasaki.

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