AUTHORRayner-Canham, Marelene F. / Rayner-Canham, Geoffrey W., Eds.
TITLEA Devotion to Their Science: Pioneer Women of Radioactivity
PUBLISHERMcGill-Queen’s University Press
CITYMontreal, Canada

This book presents the biographies of women who participated in early studies of radioactivity, and alters the conventional story of radioactivity by including their work. The authors recover the forgotten women pioneers of nuclear science and present them as agents whose work had a major impact on the scientific discoveries of the past century. The compilation contains 17 full and often overlapping biographies and 6 less comprehensive accounts of most of the early women contributors (born before 1900) in the study of radioactivity. It dispels the myth that Marie Curie was the one and only woman doing this kind of work and addresses the question of why so many women were attracted to this particular field.

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