CREATORAlbright, David / Stricker, Andera
TITLERevisiting South Africa’s Nuclear Weapons Program: Its History, Dismantlement, and Lessons for Today
DATE ACCESSED23 January 2019

This comprehensive, technically-oriented history of South Africa’s nuclear weapons program provides information and analysis about that dynamic, complicated program and its ongoing relevance to nuclear weapons policy. The first chapter offers a concise history of the South African nuclear program, from weapons development through dismantlement and conversion to civilian nuclear power facilities. Subsequent chapters focus on specific aspects of the history and include recent research and technical detail not found in previous books on the subject. The authors consider the relevance of South Africa’s choices to other countries’ ongoing nuclear program issues. Although none of the nine states that currently possess nuclear weapons appear on the verge of following South Africa’s example, the case contains valuable lessons in non-proliferation, disarmament, export controls, and verification.

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