AUTHORBlumberg, Stanley A. / Panos, Louis G.
TITLEEdward Teller: Giant in the Golden Age of Physics
PUBLISHERCharles Scribner’s Sons
CITYNew York, NY

A biography of the life of Edward Teller, this book describes his scientific contributions and his place of influence in the world of nuclear politics. Although it is an account of his entire life written from research among his colleagues and critics and access to Teller himself, much of the book centers on his work on the H-bomb and events after World War II. It explains his roles in the development of fusion power, the atomic bomb, and the hydrogen bomb. In addition, the authors address Teller’s turbulent relationship with Oppenheimer, his bitter political controversies, his role in Star Wars, and his part in planning the missile defenses of Israel. The authors claim he was a good man with an immense desire to achieve and to refute his reputation in popular opinion as a mad scientist.

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