AUTHORHecker, Siegfried S. / Mason, Caroline F. V. / Kadyrzhanov, Kairat K. / Kislitsin, Serge B., Eds.
TITLENuclear Physical Methods in Radioecological Investigations of Nuclear Test Sites
PUBLISHERKluwer Academic Publishers
CITYDordrecht, Neatherlands

This edited volume contains papers presented at a 1999 North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) workshop on radioecological investigations of artificial radionuclides resulting from nuclear tests and other weapons-related activities in the United States and the Soviet Union. The papers are divided into four sections: general ecological problems of nuclear test sites; methods of plutonium, americium, and strontium determination with preliminary radiochemical separation; methods of retrospective estimation of the absorbed dose in environmental objects and the human body; and modern methodology and equipment for filed radiometry and spectrometry. The contents provide insights into assessing the environmental impact at the test sites and beyond.

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