CREATORAlbright, David / Burkhard, Sarah / Gorwitz, Mark / Lach, Allison
TITLENorth Korea’s Lithium 6 Production for Nuclear Weapons
DATE ACCESSED28 September 2017

This short report focuses on evidence that North Korea (DPRK) is operating a plant to produce lithium-6 as part of its nuclear weapons program. Lithium-6 is a critical component of thermonuclear weapons (hydrogen bombs) and boosted atomic bombs. Evidence indicates that the operation is part of the Hungnam Chemical Complex on North Korea’s east coast. Sections of the report detail the role of lithium-6 in nuclear weapons and describe the production of lithium-6. The authors contend that the report's findings provide evidence of North Korea's long term planning and commitment to the development of thermonuclear and boosted fission nuclear weapons.

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