AUTHORLitwak, Robert S.
TITLEPreventing North Korea's Nuclear Breakout
PUBLISHERWoodrow Wilson Center Press
CITYWashington, DC
Web Access
Available online from Wilson Center

This book addresses the threat posed by North Korea’s tests of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. The author reviews the evolution of United States policy over the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations, the domestic situation as of 2017 in North Korea, and the nation’s nuclear capabilities and intentions. He then argues that the U.S should pivot to serious diplomacy using a strategy of coercive engagement. He contends that a new confluence of factors creates opportunities to restrain North Korea’s nuclear program through a freeze agreement that benefits all the major parties. The agreement would be similar to the agreement reached between the U.S. and Iran regarding Iran's nuclear program. Author Robert Litwak is Director of International Security Studies at the Wilson Center, a non-partisan policy forum.

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