AUTHORConkling, Winifred
TITLERadioactive!: How Irène Curie and Lise Meitner Revolutionized Science and Changed the World
PUBLISHERAlgonquin Young Readers
CITYChapel Hill, NC

Aimed at young adult readers, this book tells the story of two women physicists whose discoveries in the first half of the twentieth century formed the foundations of nuclear physics. French scientists Irène Curie and her husband, Fredrick Joliot, identified artificial radioactivity. Their breakthrough resulted in scientists changing the structure of existing elements and creating new ones. Irène was the daughter of Marie Curie, famous for pioneering research in radioactivity and winner of Nobel prizes in both physics and chemistry. The Curies’ work initiated discoveries that led to the elucidation of nuclear fission by Austrian physicist Lise Meitner. The work of those eminent scientists formed the basis for the first atomic bomb. The author explains that due to sexist attitudes of the day, neither woman received the well-deserved Nobel Prize for her significant contribution to nuclear physics. Numerous photographs and inserts enhance the history and science of the exciting period in nuclear physics.

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