AUTHORDavis, Edward A. / Falconer, Isobel J.
TITLEJ.J. Thomson and the Discovery of the Electron
PUBLISHERTaylor & Francis Group
CITYBoca Raton, FL

This work provides an understanding of J.J. Thomson’s research that led to the discovery of the electron, placing his work in the context of his personal life and other scientific activities. It focuses on Thomson's groundbreaking discoveries from 1890 to 1915. In each chapter, the authors present background for an understanding of one of the original papers, then replicate the paper at the end of the chapter. Research subjects include the theory of electrical discharge in gases, the relation of the atom and its electrical charge, cathode rays, and the structure of the atom. The forward, written by Thompson's son David, offers interesting insights into the life and work of a pioneer in physics.

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