CREATORRobertson, Kalman A. / Carlson, John
TITLEThe Three Overlapping Streams of India's Nuclear Programs

This short report addresses the question of whether India’s expanding civilian nuclear capacity includes a separation between civilian and nuclear weapons programs. In 2005, India signed a safeguards agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) proposing that India would only have "two categories of facilities: civilian facilities under IAEA safeguards and military facilities outside of those safeguards" (p.2). According to the report, India instead has produced three categories of facilities: civilian safeguarded, civilian unsafeguarded, and military (p.1). The authors examine how the terms of the IAEA agreement are being met or not and identify problems for IAEA compliance and monitoring based on overlap between facilities in India's three-stream structure. They conclude that the separation between civilian and military facilities is "neither complete nor transparent" and recommend steps to assure that the civilian program is not contributing to the increase of India's nuclear arsenal. The report begins with a comprehensive introduction and includes useful tables with details regarding India's nuclear facilities.

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