AUTHORHecker, Siegfried S., Ed.
TITLEDoomed to Cooperate: How American and Russian Scientists Joined Forces to Avert Some of the Greatest Post-Cold War Nuclear Dangers
PUBLISHERBathtub Row Press
CITYLos Alamos, NM

This two-volume work chronicles the scientific endeavors and working relationships of Russian and U.S. scientists who traveled to each others' nuclear complexes in the post-Cold War era to collaborate in lessening the danger of nuclear weapons, bounded by nuclear secrecy. It contains 90 articles and interviews involving scientists and engineers – roughly 60 percent Russian, 40 percent American, and one Kazakh. The six major sections address the foundations for cooperation, nuclear weapons, nuclear materials, nuclear experts, science, and stockpile stewardship for the future. Both U.S. and Russian perspectives are represented in a detailed view of the laboratory activities and negotiations involved, with much information on the weapons, materials, and facilities. The emphasis, however, is on the people involved – the intensity, emotion, friendships, and even humor that characterized their relationships. Volume one opens with a guide for readers and a descriptive timeline. There is also a glossary of terms to clarify references to Russian and U.S. institutions, organizations, programs, and agreements involved in the cooperative efforts. The author was once head of Los Alamos National Laboratory.

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