AUTHORHaynes, Susan Turner
TITLEChinese Nuclear Proliferation: How Global Politics is Transforming China's Weapons Buildup and Modernization
PUBLISHERUniversity of Nebraska Press
CITYLincoln, NB

This book examines the expansion, modernization, and diversification of China's nuclear arsenal that has occurred since the end of the Cold War to the present (2016). The author analyzes primary source research from three areas (political, military, and academic) to shed light on why China, despite being a nuclear weapon state recognized under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT), continues to qualitatively and quantitatively advance its nuclear force. The initial chapter provides a systematic means of categorizing the nuclear deterrence strategies of nuclear weapons states. Chapter 2 provides data on the quantitative and qualitative changes in the nuclear weapons of China and the four other NPT signatory nations. The next chapter explores China’s views on deterrence. Three chapters then discuss factors influencing China’s strategy and force structure: the international security environment, regional security considerations, and a desire for international prestige. The final chapter suggests policies through which the international community may address the problem of China’s nuclear growth.

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