CREATORBunn, Matthew / Malin, Martin B. / Roth, Nicholas / Tobey, William H.
TITLEPreventing Nuclear Terrorism: Continuous Improvement or Dangerous Decline
DATE ACCESSED2 November 2016

This report on preventing nuclear terrorism outlines a plan for nuclear security; assesses progress to date (2015); and offers suggestions for a nuclear-secure world. It presents two scenarios: a path towards sustainable nuclear security and a complacent path where many serious risks remain and current progress erodes. The authors describe nuclear terrorism dangers posed by al Qaeda, the Islamic State, and other groups. They then examine obstacles to improving nuclear security. The report concludes that the dangerous trend is that new threats are evolving and countries are reducing support for nuclear security efforts. The authors provide recommendations to world leaders in order to urge them to act in ways that will increase the likelihood of a nuclear secure world.

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