AUTHORBascomb, Neal
TITLEThe Winter Fortress: The Epic Mission to Sabotage Hitler's Atomic Bomb
PUBLISHERHoughton Mifflin Company
CITYNew York

This book describes the courageous efforts in 1943 of a small group of Norwegian resistance fighters to sabotage the hydroelectric plant at Vermork, Norway, which was producing heavy water for the German atomic bomb project. The author's engaging narrative focuses on the events of the raid, but also provides a context by including details of three other allied efforts to destroy the plant. A few months before the Norwegian raid, an effort by British commandos ended in disaster. After the Norwegian raid, when the plant resumed production, the U.S. Army Air Forces bombed the plant. Finally, in early 1944, the resistance sunk the ferry loaded with the last containers of heavy water, creating a major impediment to the German bomb project. The author highlights the character and personalities of the members of the Norwegian team. He also addresses the ethics of their actions, which involved killing innocent people. The detailed and dramatic narrative results in an exciting, well-documented account of the elimination of heavy water from the German project.

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