CREATORU.S. Department of Energy
TITLERestricted Data Declassification Decisions 1946 to the Present (RDD-8)
DATE PUBLISHED1 January 2002
DATE ACCESSED9 August 2017

This Department of Energy (DOE) document lists declassified documents associated with the Manhattan Project and subsequent nuclear weapons activities of the United States, from 1944 to 2001. Although the contents of the documents are not available on the website, the arrangement of document titles provides interesting insights into U.S. nuclear weapons and energy programs of that period. The major topics include: science and technology, materials, isotope separation, reactors, nuclear weapons and related technology, nuclear tests and testing, health and safety, naval nuclear propulsion, inertial confinement fusion, and numerous appendices. A reference number for each document indicates the year of declassification.

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