DIRECTORSorenson, Per-Olav
TITLEThe Heavy Water War ( or The Saboteurs)
DISTRIBUTORAB Svensk Filmindustri
RUNNING TIME270 minutes

This six episode docu-drama describes the saga of the Allies' attempts during World War II to destroy the plant at Vermork, Norway. The plant produced heavy water (deuterium oxide) that was critical to the German effort to produce an atomic bomb. The attempts included an unsuccessful raid by British commandos, partially successful sabotage by the Norwegian resistance, and a failed bombing mission by the U.S. Army Air Force. As a result of those efforts, the plant was dismantled and shipped to Germany. The climax of the story is when the resistance destroys a ferry containing the last of the remaining heavy water. That incident ended the German efforts to produce the bomb. In addition to presenting an accurate historical account, the film’s actors provide riveting portrayals of the diverse characters involved in the epic tale.

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