AUTHORSteiner, Barry H.
TITLEBernard Brodie and the Foundations of American Nuclear Strategy
PUBLISHERUniversity Press of Kansas
CITYLawrence, KS

This work provides a detailed study of Bernard Brodie's contributions to the development of U.S. nuclear strategy during the Cold War. Brodie played a primary role in shaping, critiquing, and reshaping nuclear strategy during the Cold War, and the author focuses on those contributions in the context of intellectual, military, and political forces of that time. Between a substantial introduction and conclusion are eight chapters that provide an in-depth examination of Brodie's ideas regarding particular strategies of warfare, such as strategic bombing, tactical nuclear strategies on the battlefield, and the impact of nuclear strategy on limited war, escalation, and total war. Thoroughly researched, the analysis is a valuable resource for studying the intellectual and political dimensions of Cold War military strategy through the intellectual lens of Bernard Brodie.

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