AUTHORSamson, Victoria
TITLEAmerican Missile Defense: A Guide to the Issues
CITYSanta Barbara, CA

This book examines U.S. missile defense programs from the early 1950s to the present mainly to evaluate current (2010) U.S. missile defense capabilities. Samson details elements of the U.S. missile defense system, discussing its development up through the President George W. Bush administration and into the Barack Obama adminstration, detailing costs, operational timelines, and system components. In the context of overall U.S. missile defense strategy, she analyzes the long-range ballistic missile threat to the United States and describes the development histories, estimated costs, and operational timelines of components of ground-based missile defense systems as well as airborne and spaced-based systems. She concludes that the U.S. falls short in development of programs specifically to intercept long-range strategic missiles and, more generally, is not capable of meeting current threats.

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