AUTHORChappell, John D.
TITLEBefore the Bomb: How America Approached the End of the Pacific War
PUBLISHERThe University Press of Kentucky
CITYLexington, KY

This book presents a study of public opinion in the United States about how to end the struggle in the Pacific Theater in the final months of World War II. Although there was much disagreement, American opinion recognized the inevitability of Japan's defeat, and was concerned about how to achieve that quickly with minimal loss of life. The author uses print and radio commentary as well as citizens' thoughts to evaluate the vigorous controversy of the time. The book also discusses American leaders’ policies for ending the war, and the public statements they made. It ends with a commentary of the use of the atomic bomb as the method to end the war. An extensive bibliography includes a large number of primary sources used by the author.

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