AUTHORHarms, A.A. / Schoepf, K. F. / Miley, G. H. / Kingdon, D. R.
TITLEPrinciples of Nuclear Fusion: An Introduction to Fusion Energy for Students of Science and Engineering
PUBLISHERWorld Scientific Publishing Co.

Appropriate for a university course on nuclear fusion, this book presents the foundations of fusion energy in physically coherent and mathematically clear ways, integrating concepts with discussion of applications, systems, and other use scenarios. It opens with an introduction to the basic physical processes relevant to nuclear fusion, including topics in nuclear physics, electromagnetics, plasma physics, reaction dynamics, materials science, and engineering systems. An analysis of magnetically confined, inertially confined, and low-temperature fusion energy concepts follows. Next, the authors introduce the “blanket” domain that would surround the fusion reaction to extract energy, provide shielding, and breed fuel isotopes. They then turn to hybrid fission-fusion systems. They end with a look at related technologies relevant to future fusion development. The mathematically-based text employs numerous equations.

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