AUTHORService, Robert
TITLEThe End of the Cold War: 1985 -1991
PUBLISHERPublic Affairs
CITYNew York, NY

The author, a historian of Russian history, presents an interesting view of how Mikhail Gorbachev, aided by Ronald Reagan, ended Russia’s economically disastrous and extremely dangerous nuclear arms race with the United States. In four parts, the lengthy discussion makes the case that Gorbachev's actions destroyed the Russian socialist system and resulted in Russia “losing the Cold War.” The narrative describes a series of summits attended by the two leaders and their foreign ministers, George Shultz and Edward Shevardnadze. As the author contends, those diplomatic efforts slowed the race toward a nuclear Armageddon and led to the dismantling of the Soviet Union. The book is also available in eBook format.

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