AUTHORSokolski, Henry D. / Tertrais, Bruno
TITLENuclear Weapons Security Crisis: What Does History Teach Us?
PUBLISHERStrategic Studies Institute
CITYCarlisle, PA
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Available online from Strategic Studies Institute

The authors of this edited volume focus on historical instances to shed important light on the challenges to nuclear security and control of the use of nuclear weapons. The first part contains a series of case studies from past events in Algeria, China, the former Soviet Union and Russia, and Pakistan. Each presents a complex situation where the risk of the intentional or accidental use of nuclear weapons was high and where the military often had a key role in the control of those weapons. The second part addresses what can be learned or not from previous close calls involving nuclear weapons, both in terms of security issues and with regard to command and control of such weapons. Contributors to the book are distinguished nuclear experts and practitioners with expert knowledge and experience in studying and shaping nuclear policy.

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