CREATORAckland, Len / Hubard, Burt / Boiko-Weyrauch, Anna
TITLEThe Nuclear Industry is Booming
DATE ACCESSED11 February 2016

This report was published on the Reveal News website maintained by the Center for Investigative Reporting. The report investigates the current (2015) U.S. nuclear weapons program, focusing on the recent upgrade of the B61 bomb. The addition of guidance mechanisms raises the question of whether the upgrade is a modification of the existing weapon or a new weapon. The report questions whether the President Barack Obama administration's pledge not to produce new nuclear weapons has been undercut by senior officials who have had long-standing ties to the defense nuclear industry, particularly in New Mexico. The site contains a 16-minute podcast; a detailed report of the investigation; an interactive page showing the connections among government officials, congressmen, the military, and defense contractors; a simulation of the detonation of a B61-12 nuclear weapon; and a timeline showing the growth of the global nuclear weapons stockpile.

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