AUTHORFord, Kenneth
TITLEBuilding the H Bomb: A Personal History
PUBLISHERWorld Scientific Publishing Co.

The author, Kenneth Ford, combines his memories as a young scientist working on the development of the hydrogen bomb with its basic physics to provide an interesting history of the production and testing of the hydrogen bomb. He presents a vivid account of the tension between physicist Edward Teller and mathematician Stanislaw Ulam, the developers of the U.S. hydrogen bomb. The narrative includes a description of the Princeton University-based "Project Matterhorn,” where Ford and his colleagues used the latest computer technology to calculate the energy released in mid and late stages of a thermonuclear explosion. The Matterhorn calculations were essential to the “Ivy Mike” test of the first U.S. hydrogen bomb at Eniwetok atoll in the Marshall Islands in November 1952. The author declined to make deletions in his book requested by the Department of Energy, on account that he did not feel that what they asked to have removed were actual secrets, an action which led to a considerable amount of publicity, including an article in The New York Times.

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