AUTHORFehner, Terrence R. / Gosling, F. G.
TITLEAtmospheric Nuclear Weapons Testing 1951-1963
PUBLISHERUnited States Department of Energy
CITYWashington, D.C.
Web Access
Available online from U.S. Department of Energy

This online resource provides information on atmospheric nuclear weapons testing done by the U.S. between 1951 and 1963. It opens with a description of the “Charlie” test of a thirty-three kiloton nuclear weapon on April 22, 1952. "Charlie" was the largest detonation at the Nevada test site up to that date, the first to allow significant public access, and the first to involve troops conducting operations on a nuclear battlefield. The book then presents the early history of the site, an overview of the Manhattan Project, and initial tests at the site during 1951 and 1952. It also details the Castle Bravo test of thermonuclear weapons in the Marshall Islands. The final section describes the events from the testing moratorium in 1958 to the Atmospheric Test Ban Treaty of 1963. A valuable reference for those seeking information on U.S. nuclear testing, the book contains extensive photographs, maps, and an appendix that includes data on each test conducted by the United States from 1945 to 1958. The book is Volume I of Battlefield of the Cold War: The Nevada Test Site, a joint project of the U.S. Office of History and Heritage Resources and the National Nuclear Security Administration.

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