AUTHORL’Annunziata, Michael F., Ed.
TITLEHandbook of Radioactivity Analysis, Third Edition
PUBLISHERAcademic Press
CITYNew York, NY

The third edition of this comprehensive handbook covers techniques and theories of measurement of radioactive substances. The book has an introduction to radiation with terms, formulas, and types of measurements, as well as quantification, calculation, and interpretation techniques for disintegration rates. Chapter topics include gas ionization detectors, semiconductor detectors, radiotracer scintillation analysis, environmental liquid scintillation analysis, statistical computations in counting, sample preparation techniques, Cherenkov counting, solid scintillation analysis, flow scintillation analysis, radionuclide imaging, and robotics, and automation in radiochemical analysis. The third edition broadens the scope of the previous editions with revised and expanded chapters, new authors, and seven new chapters on alpha spectrometry, radionuclide standardization, radioactive aerosol measurements, environmental radioactivity monitoring, marine radioactivity analysis, nuclear forensic analysis, and analytical techniques in nuclear safeguards. Since the book details principles, theory and practice applied to all types of radiation detection and measurement, it is useful for both teaching and research.

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