AUTHORCirincione, Joseph
TITLENuclear Nightmares: Securing the World Before It Is Too Late
PUBLISHERColumbia University Press
CITYNew York, NY
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Available online from Columbia University Press   (fee or subscription required)

Joseph Cirincione’s latest book addresses the current (2013) threat posed by the global nuclear arsenal of 17,000 nuclear weapons and their intended or accidental use. Detailing possible "nightmare" scenarios, the book illustrates the dangers presented by those weapons and the problems inherent in the way weapons are handled. The author also describes the efforts to reduce and eliminate those threats. Chapters address the spread of nuclear weapons, their potential for destruction, how much they cost, which nuclear nations pose the greatest danger, as well as the links between current and future arsenals. The final two chapters present realistic approaches to the most significant threats: more transparency and reduced alert status for the US-Russian relationship; increased diplomacy and trade between Pakistan and India; and intensified diplomatic efforts to reach a nuclear agreement with Iran. The book was written in the context of the U.S. President Barack Obama administration’s struggle to deal with the menace that is the current status of nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons policy.

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