DIRECTORCarter, Stephanie
TITLEThe World's Biggest Bomb
DISTRIBUTORPublic Broadcasting Service
RUNNING TIME54 minutes
Web Access
Available online from Public Broadcasting Service

Tracing the development of nuclear weapons from the first atomic bombs to the enormous hydrogen bombs exploded by the United States and Russia, this documentary presents a clear picture of the destructive power of thermonuclear weapons. It contains extensive film footage of the U.S. Castle-Bravo and Russian Tsar bomb tests. Interviews with U.S. physicist Harold Agnew and Russian scientist Boris Altshuler provide insights into the development and testing of their countries’ hydrogen bombs. Author Richard Rhodes furnishes excellent explanations of the weapons and their effects. The film also describes the impact of radioactive fallout from the testing on U.S. servicemen, the crew of the Japanese fishing vessel, The Lucky Dragon, and inhabitants of the Marshall Islands test sites.

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