AUTHOROliver, Dave
TITLEAgainst the Tide: Rickover's Leadership Principles and the Rise of the Nuclear Navy
PUBLISHERNaval Institute Press
CITYAnnapolis, MD

This book addresses the impact of Admiral Hyman Rickover’s leadership in transforming the culture and technology of the United States Navy after World War II, ushering in the era of nuclear-powered submarines. The book focuses on Rickover’s unique management style and his role in creating a nuclear-powered submarine force capable of delivering nuclear ballistic missiles and confronting a larger Soviet navy during the Cold War. The narrative describes how he overcame widespread opposition within and outside of the armed forces and helped the U.S. Navy meet the challenges presented by new technology and a different way of looking at warfare. The contents also reveal Rickover’s record of ensuring safety and protection from nuclear radiation in contrast to that of the Russian nuclear submarine fleet. The author served under Rickover as a nuclear submarine commander during his career in the navy.

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