AUTHORMaggelet, Michael H. / Oskins, James C.
TITLEBroken Arrow, Volume II: A Disclosure of Significant U.S., Soviet, and British Nuclear Weapon Incidents and Accidents, 1945 - 2008
CITYRaleigh, NC

This book expands the authors’ 2008 book on accidents and incidents involving the nuclear weapons of the United States, the Soviet Union and Russia, and Britain. It contains information declassified since the publication of the original volume. It also provides updated information on well-known accidents including the 1966 release of four nuclear weapons over Palomares, Spain; and in 1968, the loss of the nuclear submarine Scorpion and crash of a B-52 bomber carrying four hydrogen bombs in Thule, Greenland. It also documents numerous accidents involving Soviet submarines. The authors define "accident" as any of the following: an accidental launch, firing, or use of a weapon; a nuclear detonation; a nonnuclear detonation or burning of a weapon or radioactive component; radioactive contamination; seizure, theft, or loss of a weapon or radioactive component; and major physical damage to the weapon. An "incident" is a less serious, unplanned event involving a nuclear weapon or radioactive component that could increase the risk of detonation or radioactive contamination. Examples would be human error in handling weapons or any unintended action that damages a weapon or its components.

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