DIRECTORStone, Robert
TITLEPandora's Promise
RUNNING TIME87 minutes
Web Access
Available online from CNN Films   (available with fee)

This 2013 documentary argues that nuclear power should be considered as a relatively safe, clean energy source which can aid in the reduction of global warming. It draws on the views of four climate scientists as it seeks to counter the environmental movement's opposition to nuclear power. The film features notable individuals who have changed their views on the utility of nuclear power. Those include authors Richard Rhodes and Gwyneth Cravens, and environmentalists Stewart Brand, Michael Shellenberger and Mark Lynas. The film reviews the history of nuclear power including the accidents at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima. It contends that the public has an unwarranted fear of nuclear radiation due to a lack of education, and it downplays the problems of cost, waste storage, and potential accidents. It maintains that clean wind and solar energy require backup current provided by natural gas in contrast to nuclear power. It laments the cancellation of the U.S. integrated fast reactor program, which it considers a viable approach to nuclear power.

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