CREATORBunn, Matthew / Harrell, Eben
TITLEThreat Perceptions and Drivers of Change in Nuclear Security Around the World: Results of a Survey
DATE ACCESSED14 March 2018

This report presents the results of a study that surveyed the nuclear security policies of the countries possessing nuclear weapons, highly enriched uranium (HEU), or separated plutonium. Based on expert opinions from the various countries surveyed, the authors examine perceptions of which threats are credible; approaches to nuclear security based on a design basis threat (DBT); changes in nuclear security policy; factors causing and constraining changes in nuclear security policy; and policy on releasing information on nuclear security. The report also describes the methodology used, summarizes results, and provides analysis and conclusions. An appendix contains the full text of each survey question with detailed results for each. A second appendix notes differing views among experts surveyed.

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