CREATORHadden, Gavin
TITLEManhattan District History
DATE ACCESSED25 September 2014

This site contains links to the thirty-six volumes of the Manhattan District History commissioned in 1944 by General Leslie Groves. The goal of the classified record was “to describe in simple terms easily understood by the average reader, just what the Manhattan Project did, and how, when, and where” ("Manhattan District History"). Edited by Gavin Hadden, a civil employee of the Army Corps of Engineers, the contents detail the Manhattan Project’s activities and achievements in research, design, construction, operation, and administration. They provide extensive annotations, statistical tables, charts, engineering drawings, maps, photographs and detailed indices. The volumes are grouped into eight books, with volume and chapter titles as links to the particular contents. Major sections describe auxiliary activities, the Project’s facilities at Oak Ridge and Los Alamos, and the procurement of raw materials for the production of the atomic bombs. The history is a useful primary source for those seeking detailed information on the operation and management of the Project. All of the documents are downloadable as pdf files. Some sections are heavily redacted.

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