AUTHORJohnston, Sean F.
TITLEThe Neutron's Children: Nuclear Engineers and the Shaping of Identity
PUBLISHEROxford Research Group
CITYOxford, UK

This work explores how technical expertise in nuclear engineering originated and developed in the United States, Britain, and Canada from the World War II Manhattan Project to the Fukushima disaster. The author describes the book as an interdisciplinary history of concepts, individuals, and institutions. He emphasizes the role of government in promoting technical cooperation, controlling nuclear information, and supporting the growth of a new breed of nuclear specialists. The book is divided into four sections: wartime origins, post-war weapons and power development, the emergence of nuclear specialists, and changing perceptions of those specialists. As the author contends, those specialists are alternately viewed as champions of science and technology or distrusted keepers of an evil power. The book is well researched with extensive footnotes and a comprehensive bibliography.

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