CREATORHawkins, Houston T.
TITLEHistory of the Russian Nuclear Weapons Program
DATE PUBLISHED19 November 2013
DATE ACCESSED21 February 2018

This 107-page PDF compiles annotated photographs from the Los Alamos National Laboratory to trace the history of the Russian nuclear weapons program from its origins in World War II to 2012. The initial sections present Soviet espionage efforts to penetrate the U.S. Manhattan Project and the development of the first Russian atomic bomb, Joe-1. The next two sections provide pictures of the extensive weapons testing during the Cold War and the sites comprising the complex needed to produce the weapons. The final segments are images from the Zarechny Museum and Exhibition in Penza, Russia, which show the diverse nuclear weapons displayed and the variety of systems used to deploy them. The collection provides an informative, dramatic overview of the immense program.

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