CREATORWellerstein, Alex
DATE ACCESSED21 February 2018

NUKEMAP is an interactive site that enables users to simulate the explosions of a variety of nuclear weapons at any location on earth. The user may choose a specific weapon from a list of historic and current nuclear weapons or enter the yield of a weapon in kilotons and the height of the detonation. When the weapon is detonated, a Google map displays a series of concentric circles, each color-coded to show the blast effects for that area. The results show the magnitude of each effect (fireball, air blast, nuclear radiation, and thermal radiation) within each radius and an explanation of its consequences. An estimate of immediate casualties based on the population of the target city is also given. To obtain information on radioactive fallout, users may enter the wind speed and direction. A link on the site allows users to choose a 3-D version of the simulation, in which an ominous mushroom cloud accompanies the detonation. The simulations are useful as educational tools to emphasize the destructive power of nuclear weapons.

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