AUTHORMagueijo, João
TITLEA Brilliant Darkness: The Extraordinary Life and Disappearance of Ettore Majorana, the Troubled Genius of the Nuclear Age
CITYNew York, NY

This book follows the author's search for information on Ettore Majorana, an enigmatic Italian physicist, to present a biography of Majorana and an account of nuclear physics in the 1930s. The author, a theoretical physicist, weaves an engaging story about Majorana and his famous neutrino. The majority of the book concerns the author’s efforts to discover the real story of Majorana and his mysterious disappearance in 1938. It contains interviews with Ettore’s family and colleagues as well as explanations of the behavior of subatomic particles illustrated with cartoonish diagrams. Majorana was a part of Enrico Fermi’s nuclear research group, “the Via Panisperna Boys,” who achieved nuclear fission in 1934 but failed to detect it. The author reveals Majorana's strange personality through his relations with family, friends, peers and Fermi.

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