DIRECTOROverbey, Stuart
TITLEThe Forgotten Bomb
DISTRIBUTORCinema Libre Studio
RUNNING TIME95 minutes
Web Access
Available online from Cinema Libre Studio   (available with fee)

This film provides a stark reminder of the ever-present threat of nuclear weapons. It employs graphic footage and interviews with survivors of the Japanese atomic bombings, historians, scientists, and government officials to present the impact of nuclear energy on society from Hiroshima to the present (2011). Of particular interest is the contrast in the presentations of atomic museums in Japan and the United States, which reflect the differing nuclear cultures of the two nations. While its arguments for the abolition of nuclear weapons are compelling, a few of the film’s conjectures are not supported by factual evidence. The conversations with former Secretary of State George Shultz and author Jonathan Schell lend weight to the film’s arguments. The film closes with strong endorsements for abolishing nuclear weapons from representatives of religious faiths.

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