AUTHORZellen, Barry Scott
TITLEState of Doom: Bernard Brodie, the Bomb, and the Birth of the Bipolar World
CITYLondon, UK

This book explores the ideas and influence of Bernard Brodie, one of the principle architects of U.S. Cold War nuclear strategy. Brodie was one of the leading 20th century theorists and philosophers of war and one of the first civilian defense analysts to move into the military world. He helped to shape U.S. strategy with regard to nuclear deterrence, thermonuclear weapons, and intercontinental ballistic missiles. The author focuses on how Carl von Clausewitz (a German-Prussian military theorist) influenced Brodie’s thinking and how Brodie struggled to apply Clausewitz’s theories of conventional war to the challenge of nuclear war. In a broader sense, the book shows Brodie's impact on nuclear strategic thinking and why his theories remain relevant today.

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