AUTHORSakharov, Andrei
TITLEAndrei Sakharov: Memoirs
CITYNew York, NY

This autobiography recounts the turbulent life of one of the Soviet Union’s premier nuclear physicists, Andrei Sakharov, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his human rights activities. The book begins with his childhood and education, progresses into his graduate studies, and continues with his involvement in the hydrogen bomb project. Containing a large section on the race for the H-bomb, the memoirs refer to Sakharov’s colleagues, Igor Tamm, Igor Kurchatov, and Lavrenti Beria. The focus then shifts to the physicist's growing political dissidence and human rights activities. Among the topics included are his confrontations with Nikita Krushchev, the attempts to ostracize him from the scientific community, and his relationship with Elena Bonner. The work also explains his exile to Gorky in 1980, caused by his opposition to Soviet policies.

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