AUTHORMikoyan, Sergo
TITLEThe Soviet Cuban Missile Crisis: Castro, Mikoyan, Kennedy, Khrushchev, and the Missiles of November
PUBLISHERWoodrow Wilson Center Press
CITYWashington, DC

This work provides a new, in-depth perspective on the Soviet-Cuban missile crisis in November 1962, which followed the resolution of the Soviet-American crisis in late October of the same year. The author, Sergo Mikoyan, is the son of Anastas Mikoyan, the Soviet diplomat who was Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev’s representative in Cuba during the crisis. The book presents the relationship between Asastas Mikoyan and Fidel Castro, beginning with Anastas Mikoyan's 1960 visit to Cuba, through the period when missiles were placed on the island. It also describes the role Anastas Mikoyan played during the confrontations between the two superpowers in October 1962. The last two chapters reveal the tense, bitter, volatile relationships between Soviet and Cuban officials during the eventful November and the final negotiations involving Mikoyan and the U.S. leadership. The narrative and a unique collection of fifty Soviet documents from November 1962 of the “Caribbean Crisis”, as it was known in Russia, make the work a valuable contribution to the history of an important Cold War event. Since Sergo Mikoyan died before the book was in its final form, editor Svetlana Savranskaya oversaw completion of the publication process.

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