AUTHORBrown, Kate
TITLEPlutopia: Nuclear Families, Atomic Cities, and the Great Soviet and American Plutonium Disasters
PUBLISHEROxford University Press
CITYOxford, England

This book draws a comparison between elements of life in the two cities supporting the production of plutonium during the Cold War, one in the United States and the other in the Soviet Union. The author emphasizes similarities between Richlands, Washington, home to workers at the Hanford facility, and Ozersk in the Soviet Union, where personnel employed at the Mayak plant lived. The author traces the histories of both cities from their founding through their highpoints to their current status as neighbors of the contaminated plant sites. In considering the period of plutonium production in both cities, the author highlights the communities' relative high standard of living, describes the health hazards characteristic of both environments, and examines why the workers agreed to the risks and sacrifices involved in producing plutonium. The narrative is supported by extensive research from journalistic sources and numerous interviews with residents of both cities.

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