AUTHORRose, Gideon / Tepperman, Jonathan, Eds.
TITLEIran and the Bomb: Solving the Persian Puzzle
PUBLISHERForeign Affairs
CITYNew York, NY
ISBN 9780876095324

This collection of articles from the respected journal Foreign Affairs traces the development and 2012 status of the Iranian nuclear program. Its intent is to provide an understanding of the ongoing crisis arising from Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear weapon and what should be done about it. The articles are organized into three major sections. The first establishes an intellectual and historical context for the debate. The contributions in the second section lay out the assets and liabilities of various approaches to the problem. In the final section, authors from Iran and Israel present views from their respective countries. Overall, the book gives an in-depth review of Iran's quest for nuclear weapons and the outside world's struggle to respond at the threshold of sudden diplomatic movement in 2013. >

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