AUTHORBryan, Jeff C.
TITLEIntroduction to Nuclear Science, Second Edition
CITYBoca Raton, FL

This textbook provides a comprehensive yet accessible introduction to nuclear science for those whose initial training may be in other sciences. It is the revised second edition of a book first published in 2009. Coming from a background in nuclear medicine, the author explains the basic scientific and mathematical underpinnings of nuclear science in a way that makes the information understandable and relevant to medical professionals, those working in the nuclear workforce, and the general public. Chapters address the following topics: radiation and radioactive decay; interactions and detection of ionizing radiation; nuclear reactions, fission, and fusion; nuclear reactors and weapons; nuclear medicine; and radiation therapy, protection, and X-rays. Additions to the second edition include more detailed explanations of mathematics in the examples, expanded discussion of applications, a new chapter on nuclear reactors, and an increased number of problems at the end of the chapters. The text is supported by tables, graphs, equations, and figures. Appendices include useful constants, conversion factors, nuclear data, SI prefixes and formulas, a table of chi-squared, and the periodic table of elements.

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