AUTHORGale, Robert Peter / Lax, Eric
TITLERadiation: What it is, What You Need to Know
PUBLISHERAlfred A. Knopf
CITYNew York, NY

This book seeks to alleviate some concerns about radiation by presenting both the assets and liabilities of a ubiquitous form of energy. After an engaging introduction describing an incident involving radiation exposure to several hundred people in Goiania, Brazil, the authors differentiate between the sources of radiation, natural and artificial, and between its harmful and useful effects. Background information includes methods for measuring radiation and normal background absorption rates for people in different countries. The contents reveal that the increase in man-made radiation since World War II is not due to the manufacture and detonation of nuclear weapons but rather to the use of medical and nuclear diagnostics. One of the authors is a hematologist with extensive experience in the area of medical radiation and the other is a science writer. They include a summary of scientific and medical studies regarding the Japanese bombings and atmospheric testing. The book concludes with a useful summary and selected bibliography.

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