AUTHORWilson, Jim
TITLEBritain on the Brink: The Cold War's Most Dangerous Weekend, 27-28 October, 1962
PUBLISHERPen and Sword Books, Ltd.
CITYBarnsley, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

This book examines how the British government and military reacted to the Cuban Missile Crisis at the time it occurred. The author describes the situation as one in which the British public was uninformed of the possibility of imminent destruction facing the nation. Organized into 20 short chapters, the book describes events in October 1962 to show that the management of the crisis was handled almost exclusively by British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan and his Foreign Secretary Alec Douglas-Home. Neither Parliament nor the British Cabinet was involved. The narrative also considers the nature of the communication between government officials and the military by recounting the memories of members of Britain’s V-Force and missile squadrons that went to high alert status. Ultimately, the book questions the wisdom of the UK's reaction to the Crisis, characterizing the country as having been on the front lines of a potential nuclear exchange but having behaved as if it were a spectator on the side lines.

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