AUTHORMcDonagh, Seán
TITLEFukushima: The End of Nuclear Energy?
PUBLISHERThe Columba Press
CITYBlackrock, Ireland

This short book examines the 2011 accident at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and its implications for the global nuclear industry. Written by a Catholic priest, it offers not just a logical but a moral critique of the nuclear industry. The accident is presented as one of many examples of the nuclear industry’s history of deception and incompetence. He cites evidence that governments, regulators, and industry colluded to conceal accidents and their effects. The contents include chapters concerning the use of government subsidies and loan guarantees to support the industry, the effects of the waste generated by all components of the nuclear fuel cycle, and a comparison between nuclear power and renewable energy. A unique final chapter reviews the positions of the Catholic Church on the use of nuclear power over the past two decades.

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