AUTHORLemmerich, Jost
TITLEScience and Conscience: The Life of James Franck
PUBLISHERStanford University Press
CITYStanford, CA

This work is a comprehensive biography of Nobel laureate James Franck, one of the twentieth century’s most respected nuclear physicists, a co-author of the “Franck Report” in 1945. The report warned that the use of nuclear weapons against Japan without warning would trigger an arms race with the Soviet Union. The author, a physicist and historian, presents Franck’s early scientific research with Gustav Holtz in Germany and his work with Enrico Fermi at Chicago’s Met Lab in the 1940s. It also recounts Franck's collaboration with Eugene Rabinowitch, Leo Szilard, and Glenn Seaborg that produced the famous “Report.” The exchange of letters between Franck and his colleagues, including Albert Einstein and Lise Meitner, provides insights into the science and politics in Europe and the United States during that turbulent mid-century period. The book is a careful translation by Ann Hentschel of the 2007 biography, Aufrecht im Sturm der Zeit (“Rectitude in Tempestuous Times”). The "Franck Report" is included as an appendix.

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